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What Are the Different Types of CNC Collets?

Oct. 26, 2023

CNC collets, or collet chucks, are essential components in CNC machining, used to hold and secure various cutting tools or workpieces. There are several types of CNC collets designed to accommodate different tool types and sizes. Below are some common types of CNC collets:

ER Collets: ER (Elastic Region) collets are among the most widely used CNC collets. They come in a range of sizes and are known for their flexibility in accommodating a variety of tool diameters. ER collets are commonly used for drills, end mills, and other cutting tools.

TG Collets: TG collets are often used in high-speed CNC machining applications. They provide excellent rigidity and accuracy, making them suitable for precision work. These collets are used for holding tools like drills, taps, and reamers.

DA Collets: Double-angle (DA) collets are designed for high-speed applications and are well-suited for tool changes in automatic tool changers. They are mainly used with drills, reamers, and end mills.

R8 Collets: R8 collets are primarily used in manual milling machines, such as Bridgeport-style machines. However, they can also be adapted for use in CNC machining. R8 collets are known for their stability and are used for holding a variety of tools.

Collet Kit

Collet Kit 

5C Collets: 5C collets are commonly used for workholding in CNC lathes. They are ideal for gripping cylindrical workpieces or bar stock. These collets are versatile and easy to change, making them a popular choice for lathe applications.

AF Collets: AF (Acura-Flex) collets are designed for high-precision machining and are known for their concentricity and runout accuracy. They are used with tools like drills, end mills, and reamers.

OZ Collets: OZ collets, also known as OZ25, OZ16, etc., are designed for high-speed applications and are commonly used in CNC milling machines. They are suitable for collet chucks with internal coolant supply.

Boring Bar Collets: These collets are specially designed for holding boring bars. They provide a secure grip and are essential for precision boring operations in CNC machining.

ER Tap Collet

ER Tap Collet

Hex Collets: Hex collets, as the name suggests, have a hexagonal shape. They are used for holding hexagonal tool shanks, providing a stable grip and preventing slippage.

Square Collets: Square collets are designed to hold square tool shanks securely. They are commonly used in applications where rotational torque is a concern, such as milling with square end mills.

Specialized Collets: Some industries and applications require specialized collets tailored to unique tooling or workholding needs. These collets may include custom profiles, special shapes, or features to accommodate specific tooling requirements.

Selecting the right type of CNC collet is crucial to ensure proper tool or workpiece holding, precision, and performance in CNC machining. The choice of collet depends on the specific requirements of the application and the type of tool or workpiece being used.

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