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  • 58PCS Clamping Kit

  • 58PCS Clamping Kit

58PCS Clamping Kit

✦Saves time when setting your job on the milling machine.

✦Large clamping force, simple structure and easy to use.

✦It is mainly used for locking general milling machine processing, processing and various metal processing parts.

✦Wide range of use, machine tools, molds, lathes, CNC and all kinds of metal cutting machine tools clamping, fixed workpiece, its clamping force is large, easy to use, safe and reliable.

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Products Description

A 58PCS clamping kit typically includes a range of tools and accessories used for securing workpieces to milling machines or other types of machining equipment. These kits typically contain the following:

58PCS Clamping Kit

1.Clamping studs: These are threaded rods used for attaching various components of the clamping kit to the milling machine.

2.T-nuts: These are special nuts with a T-shaped cross section that fit into slots on the milling machine table. They allow clamps and other fixturing components to be quickly and easily positioned and secured.

3.Step blocks: These are rectangular pieces with steps or ledges that can be stacked together to create a variety of different heights and configurations for holding workpieces.

4.Flange nuts: These nuts are used to fasten step blocks and other components to the clamping studs.

5.Coupling nuts: These are long, threaded nuts used to connect two or more clamping studs together to create longer lengths or custom lengths.

6.Extension nuts: Similar to coupling nuts, extension nuts are used to extend the length of clamping studs when connecting them together.

7.Strap clamps: These are flexible clamps made of steel or nylon that can be wrapped around the workpiece and tightened to hold it in place.

8.Step clamps: Similar to step blocks, step clamps have steps or ledges that can be stacked together to create different heights and configurations for holding workpieces.

Overall, a 58PCS clamping kit provides a comprehensive set of tools for securing workpieces to milling machines and other machining equipment.

58PCS Clamping Kit

58PCS Clamping Kit Features:

●Diverse Clamping Options: The 58PCS Clamping Kit offers an array of clamping components, including studs, T-nuts, step blocks, and clamps. This diversity empowers you to tackle various work holding challenges with confidence and precision.

Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, our Clamping Kit components are built to withstand the demands of machining environments. Their durability ensures consistent performance and longevity.

Easy Setup: Designed for user-friendly assembly, the Clamping Kit facilitates quick and hassle-free setup. This means you spend less time on preparation and more on creating exceptional products.

Secure Workholding: Achieve optimal stability during machining operations. The kit's components provide reliable and secure workholding, allowing you to work with precision and confidence.

Versatility: From milling to drilling and other machining tasks, the 58PCS Clamping Kit adapts seamlessly to a variety of machining processes, making it an indispensable tool for your workshop.

58PCS Clamping Kit Benefits:

●Enhanced Efficiency: The Clamping Kit streamlines your workholding processes, saving time and effort in setup and adjustment.

●Improved Precision: Achieve consistent and accurate results, thanks to the secure and stable workholding provided by the kit's components.

●Cost Savings: With the ability to tackle multiple tasks using a single versatile kit, you can reduce the need for investing in separate clamping solutions.

●Increased Productivity: Minimize downtime associated with complex setups and enjoy uninterrupted machining sessions with the aid of our efficient Clamping Kit.

●Professional Results: Elevate the quality of your finished products by using reliable workholding solutions that ensure precision throughout your machining projects.

58PCS Clamping Kit Applications:

Precision Machining




Hobbyist and DIY Projects

The 58PCS Clamping Kit stands as a testament to our commitment to providing the tools you need to excel in your machining endeavors. Whether you're a professional machinist or an enthusiast, our Clamping Kit offers a versatile, reliable, and efficient solution for securing your workpieces with confidence. Experience precision, versatility, and quality – experience the difference with our Clamping Kit.

58PCS Clamping Kit

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